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Get Transcoding Job detail

To retrieve the details of a transcoding job, make a GET request to the following API endpoint , with the authentication Header.<organization_id>/transcoding_jobs/<job_id>/

Replace <organization_id> with your organization's unique identifier and <job_id> with the specific job ID you want to retrieve details for.

Sample Response

"id": "5KQfnXCg8Qh",
"resolutions": [
"video_duration": 120,
"status": "Completed",
"input_url": "",
"output_path": "s3://example-bucket/path/?access_key=E8WPS6H1A4OYD3ZNVMR&secret_key=N1dYpS2cTk5AeH6jWf8TgBh9Ji0MkL1N2O3P",
"start_time": "2023-04-20T23:20:06.034924+12:00",
"end_time": "2023-04-20T23:40:06.034924+12:00",
"error_message": null,

In case of transcoding errors, details will be provided in the "error_message" field of the response.