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Stop a live stream

To Stop a live stream you need to send an HTTP POST request to the API Endpoint, with the authentication Header.<organization_id>/assets/<str:asset_id>/stop_live_stream/

This will stop the specified live stream


If the value of the parameter "transcode_recorded_video" is set to true, you will receive the video object in the webhook response.

Sample webhook response is as follows

"title": "Data science Live class",
"bytes": null,
"type": "livestream",
"video": {
"progress": 0,
"thumbnails": [],
"status": "Completed",
"playback_url": "",
"dash_url": "",
"preview_thumbnail_url": null,
"format": "abr",
"resolutions": ["240p", "360p", "480p", "720p"],
"video_codec": "h264",
"audio_codec": "aac",
"enable_drm_for_recording": true,
"tracks": [],
"inputs": [
"url": ""
"id": "4PtERT9d9uK",
"live_stream": {
"rtmp_url": "rtmp://23.427.127.24/live",
"stream_key": "org-4xu8ay-live-4PtERT9d9uK-jKP4",
"status": "Completed",
"hls_url": "",
"start": null,
"transcode_recorded_video": true,
"parent_id": null