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Create a live stream instantly

To Create a live stream instantly you need to send an HTTP POST request to the API Endpoint, with the authentication Header.<organization_id>/assets/live_streams/


titlestringSpecify a text string or identifier which can be used for filtering or searching the live stream.Yes
enable_drm_for_recordingbooleanA boolean value to enable or disable DRM for live stream recording.No
latencystringSelects the desired latency for the live stream (Options: Low Latency, Normal Latency).No

Sample request body

"title": "Data science Live class",
"enable_drm_for_recording": true,
"latency": "Low Latency"

For valid requests the API server returns a JSON:

"title": "Data science Live class",
"bytes": null,
"type": "livestream",
"video": null,
"id": "5h6EpZQC6sh",
"live_stream": {
"rtmp_url": "",
"stream_key": null,
"status": "Not Started",
"hls_url": "",
"start": "2024-04-23 16:56:48",
"transcode_recorded_video": true,
"enable_drm_for_recording": true,
"chat_embed_url": null,
"resolutions": [
"enable_drm": true,
"enable_llhls": false,
"latency": "Low Latency"
"parent": null,
"parent_id": null
  • The live stream server typically takes around 20-30 seconds to start.
  • Once it's up and running, both the "rtmp_url" and "stream_key" will become accessible.

To automatically receive rtmp_url and stream key as soon as the server is established,WebHook Response.

After successfully registering the webhook, you will receive an rtmp_url and stream_key as a response paste it in the obs stream settings Settings > Stream

OBS settings